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Boyfriend Dungeon
Kitfox Games
Kitfox Games
PC/Mac DRM-Free, Nintendo Switch
Release date(s)
August 11, 2021


Indie, Simulation, Dating

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dating game with weapon action created and published by Kitfox Games, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Boyfriend Dungeon started on Kickstarter August 2018. The musical stylings of the teaser trailer feature an original composition by Marskye and the vocal talents of Madeleine McQueen.

Official Site[ | ]

About the game[ | ]

Plunder the dunj as you fend off dangerous monsters and take your weapons on romantic dates. Woo your weapons in this flirty, playful, and welcoming world filled with mastery in the procedurally generated dungeon. Serving up a dose of summer-time fling nostalgia, take your dates out as you uncover their stories and level them up. Embark on blossoming relationships with your weapon cuties as you capture their hearts in friendship and in love. In this light-hearted, fantastical shack-and-slash filled with adventure, improve your skills and fend off the monsters together because the couple that slays together, stays together. ~ From the official press kit [1]

Game Features[ | ]

  • Beautiful people to romance
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and varied combat styles
  • Each weapon type feels and plays differently
  • Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality - male, female, non-binary options

Languages[ | ]

Boyfriend Dungeon supports following languages (Interface and Subtitles):[2]

  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Awards[ | ]

  • IndieCade Selection 2019
  • Winner of BITSUMMIT International Award, BitSummit Vol. 6, Kyoto Indie Festival 2018
  • BITSUMMIT Media Hightlight Award, Game*Spark, BitSummit Vol. 6, Kyoto Indie Festival 2018
  • Nominee of BITSUMMIT Excellence in Game Design Award, BitSummit Vol. 6, Kyoto Indie Festival 2018
  • Official Selection INDIE MEGA BOOTH, PAX WEST Showcase 2018
  • Boston FIG Fest 2018, Best in Show
  • Boston FIG Fest 2018, Innovation in Art and Narrative


Videos[ | ]

Making of - Kitfox about the Kickstarter project

Announcement Trailer - Kitfox Games/Xbox

Announcement Trailer - Source: Nintendo Switch on YouTube

Developer Demo, video released by Kitfox Games

More on: Kitfox Games on YouTube

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Credits[ | ]

Tanya X. Short

Director and Designer, Kitfox Games

Xin Ran Liu

Art Director, Kitfox Games

Kira Boom

Programmer, Kitfox Games

Marcelo Perez

Programmer, Kitfox Games

Mehrdad Dehdashti

Additional Programming, Kitfox Games

Quinn Kybartas

Additional Programming, Kitfox Games

Victoria Tran

Community Manager, Kitfox Games

Alexandra Orlando

Additional Community Management, Kitfox Games

Fiona Martin

Additional Community Management, Kitfox Games

Omar "Dabu" Dabbous

Audio Designer, Independent

Ramsey "Marskye" Kharroubi

Composer, Independent

Madeleine McQueen

Vocalist, Independent

Meg Jayanth

Writer, Independent

Christine Love

Narrative Design Consultant, Independent

Jill Murray

Narrative Consultant, Independent

J Mao

Illustrator, Independent

Mattias Graham


Hato Moa

Character Design, Independent


Character Design, Independent

Sunder Raj

Animator, Particle Beam, Facebook page of Particle Beam


Backer rewards[ | ]

People who backed Boyfriend Dungeon on Kickstarter could receive rewards from Kitfox split up in several different tiers (depending on, how much was pledged). Users with a higher pledge could e.g also receive special access to a private Kitfox Discord channel, additional Steam keys to other Kitfox games, painted portrait, digital art book, in-game messages for BD and more.

Boyfriend Dungeon Merchandise[ | ]

Verona beach

Postcard from "Verona Beach", one of the rewards

(Rewards for backers)

  • Postcard signed by the developers
  • Messenger Bag (gray, with stabbed heart icon)
  • Sticker sheet (icons from the game)
  • Physical Box Set (Indiebox)
  • Enamel pin (stabbed heart icon)
  • Rose USB key
  • Boyfriend "Dungeonmaster" Mug (with chic temperature effect and heart handle)
  • Body pillow (Dagger or Talwar)
  • "Sword Smoocher" T-shirt (black with white print)
  • Physical art book

Soundtrack[ | ]

See Soundtrack.

Sources[ | ]

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