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Heart of Verona
Heart of Verona
Vitas Varnas
Inside Verona Mall Dunj and La Rosa Dunj

Heart of Verona is a store run by Vitas Varnas in the Verona Mall and La Rosa. The shop in Verona Mall offers a variety of fashion items, whilst the shop in La Rosa offers crafting materials such as Dark Essence or Holy Energy.

Players can access the store via vending machines in the mall by purchasing the "???" option for $5, at La Rosa by by picking "Access" from the ATM, or by completing certain challenge rooms at the college.

Vitas appears to have no issues with monsters, as his store also regularly has monster patrons.

Verona Mall[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Item Price
Digital Camera Digital Camera $70.00
Blue Lipstick Blue Lipstick $50.00
Red Lipstick Red Lipstick $65.00
Bomber Jacket (Violet) Bomber Jacket (Violet) $10.00
Bomber Jacket (Olive) Bomber Jacket (Olive) $10.00
Bomber Jacket (Rose) Bomber Jacket (Rose) $10.00

La Rosa[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Item Price
Steel Steel $10.00
Glue Glue 2x Steel Steel
Dark Essence Dark Essence 5x Glass Glass
Dark Essence Dark Essence 10x Liquid Liquid
Holy Energy Holy Energy 5x Steel Steel
Holy Energy Holy Energy 2x Dark Essence Dark Essence