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Portrait-Jesse Neutral
Voiced By
Ryan Battle
In-universe Information

Jesse is the Cousin of the player character and welcomes them to Verona Beach at the beginning of the game. He sets the player up in his old Apartment where they will spend the summer. He is currently in a relationship with a partner named Samantha.

Jesse previously went to high school with Eric, and Jonah. He states he had not seen Eric in years, but remains on good terms with Jonah despite the two previously dating. He is also friends with Isaac, and organises a combat lesson for the player with him (Isaac) upon their arrival in Verona Beach.

Over the course of the game, Jesse organises several meet ups for the player to get them more comfortable with people. The first is with Eric, who is the players first date ever. The second is with Olivia, and a third and final date is with Jonah.