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Portrait-Jonah Neutral
Voiced By
Jordan DiSorbo
In-universe Information
Weapon Type
Seeking New Opportunities
  • Surfing
  • Nature
  • Solitude
  • Insensitivity
  • City Life

Jonah is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon. He is seeking new opportunities, and transforms into an Axe. The player meets him at an event hosted by Jesse.

Jonah previously went to high school with Jesse, and Eric. Jonah remains on good terms with Jesse despite the two previously dating for "a week".

Jonah is currently unemployed. He enjoys surfing, and is a vegan.

Dating[ | ]

Gifting[ | ]

Loved Gifts (+75)[ | ]

Liked Gifts (+50)[ | ]

Rejected Gifts (+0)[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

Choose one of each skill at ranks 2, 4, & 6.

Rank Name Icon Description
1 Swing SkillArt Axe 1 Swing Heavy attacks sweep you strongly left or right towards enemies.
2 Crashing Wave SkillArt Axe 2 CrashingWave Enemies hit by Swing have a 50% chance of being stunned.
2 Salt in the Wound SkillArt Axe 2 SaltintheWound Enemies hit by Swing have a 50% chance of bleeding.
3 Undertow SkillArt Axe 3 Undertow Swing moves faster and further.
4 Chop, Chop SkillArt Axe 4 ChopChop Enemies hit by a light attack have a 50% chance of being stunned.
4 Cleave SkillArt Axe 4 Cleave If you kill an enemy with a Swing, the next target hit by that Swing takes a critical hit.
5 Inner Peace SkillArt Axe 5 InnerPeace If you are low on health, and there are no enemies nearby, heal immediately to 25%
6 Ride the Wave SkillArt Axe 6 RidetheWave Swing moves even faster.
6 Bellyflop SkillArt Axe 6 Bellyflop Swing hits an even wider area.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • During development, Jonahs name was originally "Owen". However it was decided that this sounded too close to Rowan, and so a poll was held with Kickstarter backers to decide a new name. Other names in the running were Ethan, and Byron. Jonah received 171 votes, Byron received 79, Ethan received 63, and 28 users voted for a mug with the word "Jeb" on it.