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Portrait-Katana Neutral

Katana (also known as Masamune) is a character in Boyfriend Dungeon and is one of the antagonists.

He is created by Eric with pieces they chipped off of other weapons. He is intended to be the perfect servant, being completely devoid of free will and obeying only his owner's (Eric's) wishes. However, Katana is able to maintain his own free will, which Eric suggests must be from inheriting intellect from the metals of other weapons.

Jesse also suggests that Eric and Katana have some kind of mental or emotional link with each other. This is implied to be the reason Katana is able to locate the player if Eric fixates on their location. It is also implied that Katana's desire to hurt and kill people comes from Eric's own suppressed feelings.

Based on the chipped or damaged weapons found by the player, Katana is comprised of pieces from Sunder, Valeria, Sawyer, Seven, and Pocket.