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Portrait-Pocket Neutral
Voiced By
Edith Cardinal
In-universe Information
Weapon Type
Brass Knuckles
  • Sunbeams
  • Fish
  • Boxes
  • Other Cats
  • Unrequited Affection

Pocket is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon. He is a sunbather, and transforms into Brass Knuckles, and a cat. The player meets him in La Rosa on Floor 2.

Rather than being texted by a cat, you are contacted by Pocket's owner, Tank, to inform you when 'dates' are available. Though you never see him in Pocket's events, he is encountered as a bouncer in several other events, and outside his job in one of Jonah's events. Pocket is regularly bullied by Astarte.

Dating[ | ]

Gifting[ | ]

Loved Gifts (+75)[ | ]

Liked Gifts (+50)[ | ]

Rejected Gifts (+0)[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

Choose one of each skill at ranks 2, 4, & 6.

Rank Name Icon Description
1 Swat SkillArt BrassKnuckles 1 Swat Finishers immobilize enemies (but they can still attack).
2 Playtime SkillArt BrassKnuckles 2 Playtime Enemies take extra damage when hit while immobilized.
2 Forceful SkillArt BrassKnuckles 2 Forceful Enemies are also briefly stunned when immobilized.
3 Territorial SkillArt BrassKnuckles 3 Territorial Finishers knock enemies back further.
4 Persistent SkillArt BrassKnuckles 4 Persistent Immobilize lasts longer.
4 Scaredy SkillArt BrassKnuckles 4 Scaredy Finishers have wider arcs.
5 Resilient SkillArt BrassKnuckles 5 Resilient You'll briefly become invulnerable after a finisher.
6 Sulky SkillArt BrassKnuckles 6 Sulky After you're hurt, the next attack will do more damage and immobilize.
6 Nine Lives SkillArt BrassKnuckles 6 NineLives After you're hurt, get a speed boost.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Pocket is tied with Seven for the most unique locations for dates with 6, as each of his dates takes place at a different location.