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Portrait-Rowan Neutral
Voiced By
Catty Donnelly
In-universe Information
Weapon Type
  • Wild Plants
  • Being Alone
  • Animal Bones
  • Crowds
  • Social Media

Rowan is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon. They are a mystic, and transform into a Scythe with Crowley. The player meets them at the Mansion.

Riddle[ | ]

In order to meet Rowan for the first time, go to the Mansion by the road north of town after attending Jesse’s BBQ and receiving texts from your cousin. After that you will receive a slip of paper from Rowan in a few days, and you need to solve their riddle before you can go on your first date.

A slip of parchment paper containing 15 numbers where some numbers are upside down.

The slip of paper found by the player containing the number puzzle they must solve to get Rowan's phone number.

You can solve this by looking closely at the direction of the numbers.

Dating[ | ]

Gifting[ | ]

Loved Gifts (+75)[ | ]

Liked Gifts (+50)[ | ]

Rejected Gifts (+0)[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

Choose one of each skill at ranks 2, 4, & 6.

Rank Name Icon Description
1 Heavy SkillArt Scythe 1 Heavy Heavy finishers create a temporary gravity well, pulling enemies towards its center.
2 Dread SkillArt Scythe 2 Dread Gravity wells also do damage over time to any enemy being affected by them.
2 Finale SkillArt Scythe 2 Finale Gravity wells explode and do damage when they expire.
3 Deadly Momentum SkillArt Scythe 3 DeadlyMomentum When an enemy dies, get a brief damage boost that can stack up to 3 times.
4 Implacable SkillArt Scythe 4 Implacable Gravity wells last longer.
4 Presence SkillArt Scythe 4 Presence Gravity wells are bigger.
5 Fatal Attraction SkillArt Scythe 5 FatalAttraction When an enemy dies to a gravity well, you automatically get 3 stacks of the boost.
6 Acceptance SkillArt Scythe 6 Acceptance Deadly Momentum can stack up to 5 times.
6 Eternal SkillArt Scythe 6 Eternal Deadly Momentum lasts a bit longer.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Rowan was designed by Moa (玻都 もあ), the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend. [1]
  • Rowan's full name is Rowan Blair III. [2]
  • The area code of Rowan's phone number is the North American telephone area code for the state of Maine. [3]

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