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Portrait-Seven Neutral
Voiced By
Brian Long
In-universe Information
Weapon Type
K-pop Idol
  • Playing Guitar
  • Chilling
  • Horror Movies
  • Shallowness
  • Fan Clubs

Seven is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon. He is a K-pop Idol, and transforms into a Lasersaber. The player meets him in the Verona Mall on Floor 9.

Seven is in the band Blade Generation with Sungwoo.

Seven suffers from clinical depression.

Dating[ | ]

Gifting[ | ]

Loved Gifts (+75)[ | ]

Liked Gifts (+50)[ | ]

Rejected Gifts (+0)[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

Choose one of each skill at ranks 2, 4, & 6.

Rank Name Icon Description
1 Chain Lightning SkillArt Lasersaber 1 ChainLightning When finishing a combo, an energy bolt damages a nearby enemy from the first enemy hit.
2 Long Distance SkillArt Lasersaber 2 LongDistance Chain Lightning can reach further.
2 Paralysis SkillArt Lasersaber 2 Paralysis Chain Lightning stuns enemies.
3 Forked SkillArt Lasersaber 3 Forked Chain Lightning can strike 2 extra enemies (total of 3).
4 Firebolt SkillArt Lasersaber 4 Firebolt Chain Lightning does more damage when it doesn't fork.
4 Merciless SkillArt Lasersaber 4 Merciless Chain Lightning prefers to target enemies with lowest health.
5 Catchy SkillArt Lasersaber 5 Catchy Chain Lightning has a chance to immediately fire a second time from enemies it hits.
6 Survivor SkillArt Lasersaber 6 Survivor Chain Lightning damage is higher when you're low health.
6 Burst SkillArt Lasersaber 6 Burst Chain Lightning affects 2 extra enemies (total of 5).

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Seven is tied with Pocket for the most unique locations for dates with 6, as each of his dates takes place at a different location.

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