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Verona Mall
Verona Mall
North side of town

Verona Mall is a location in Boyfriend Dungeon and one of the "Dungeons" or "Dunj" in the game. Players also can find the Heart of Verona shop in here.

Dates[ | ]

Dunj[ | ]

The Verona Mall dunj has 12 total floors. The game opens this dunj with the subtitle: "Dungeon Fear: Unidentified".

Notable Floors[ | ]

Floor 1:[ | ]

Introduced to Isaac, and Sunder.

Floor 2:[ | ]

Introduced to Valeria.

Floor 6:[ | ]

This floor can contain the Vending Machine.

Floor 9:[ | ]

Introduced to Seven.

Floor 12:[ | ]

Boss floor. Introduced to Sawyer.

Hangouts[ | ]

There are six hangouts in Verona Mall to recover from the fights and spend time with your current weapon. Each event will raise affection with the current weapon, refill the player's health, and provide an opportunity to give a gift. They are marked with a pink rose on the map:

  • Arcade
  • Ice Rink===
  • Ice Cream Cart
  • Cat Statue
  • Massage Chairs
  • Fountain

Gallery[ | ]

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