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Verona Mall
Verona Mall.png
North side of town

Verona Mall is a location in Boyfriend Dungeon and one of the "Dungeons" or "Dunj" in the game. Players also can find the Heart of Verona shop in here.



The Verona mall dunj has 12 total floors. The game opens this dunj with the subtitle: "Dungeon Fear: Unidentified".


Verona Mall, Floor 1[]

  • Enemies: Snapping Phones, OctoTVs
  • Weapons/People: Isaac the Estoc, Sunder

Verona Mall, Floor 2[]

Verona Mall, Floor 3[]

Verona Mall, Floor 4[]

Verona Mall, Floor 5[]

  • Enemies: Red-Crab Classic Telephone Boss, Snapping Phones Spawns, after leaving boss zone and through the gate: Yellow Classic Telephone Crab monster, OctoTVs, VHS-bats
  • Notable: Closed gate that needs a key to proceed

Verona Mall, Floor 6[]

  • Enemies: Yellow Classic Telephone Crab monster, Snapping Phones, OctoTVs, VHS-bats

Verona Mall, Floor 7[]

  • Enemies: OctoTVs, VHS-bats, Gramophone monster (mini boss),

Verona Mall, Floor 7[]

  • Enemies: OctoTVs, VHS-bats, Snapping Phones, Gramophone monster (mini boss),

Verona Mall (Deeps)[]


Wire, Sugar, Bubble Tea, Liquid, Money Bags, Vodka (from a safe, Fl 4), Gourmet Cupcake (Boss loot, Fl 5), Key (Boss loot, Fl 5), Sleepytime Zine (safe, Fl 6), Chemistry Zine (safe, Fl 6), Bucket (Fl 7), Pepperoni Pizza (safe, Fl 8)

Hangouts: []

There are several hangouts in the Mall to recover from the fights and spend time with your current weapon. Each event will raise affection by 30, refill the player's health, and provide an opportunity to give a gift. They are marked with a pink rose on the map:


  • Sunder: Sunder reminisces about his favorite pinball game. The player has a choice of three games; he will only watch the player if they choose Dance Dance Mania, but will play the other two.
  • Isaac: Isaac declines to play, but enjoys watching the player at one of three games.
  • Valeria: Valeria will jokingly invite the player to try a love compatibility tester. The player can accept or decline.
  • Seven: The player has a choice to either play co-op with Seven or battle him in a fighting game.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer will exclaim that the games in the arcade are old, prompting a discussion. They will then play a driving game; the player will have the option to race seriously or flirtily.

Ice Rink[]

  • Sunder: The player will have the option of either racing Sunder or skating casually with him.
  • Isaac: The two skate together and Isaac shares memories of his childhood.
  • Valeria: Valeria will mention that she's not very good at ice-skating; the player has the choice to advise her to hold onto the sides or them. If the player does not help her, she will fall.
  • Seven: Though Seven does not want to skate, he will watch as the player does and cheer them on. Alternatively, the player can choose to chat instead.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer will excitedly ice skate with the player.

Ice Cream Cart[]

  • Sunder: Sunder decides not to have any ice cream and instead asks the player why they think people go to malls.
  • Isaac: Isaac and the player share an ice cream. Isaac talks about his visit to Rome.
  • Valeria: Valeria and the player will share an ice cream and discuss where they like to spend the summer.
  • Seven: Seven declines ice cream due to his concern that he'll gain weight, but will enjoy watching the player eat.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer will happily take advantage of eating as much ice cream as they can manage and get a brain freeze for their trouble.

Cat Statue[]

  • Sunder: Sunder grumbles about the statue being cute and they discuss how people get their kicks.
  • Isaac: Isaac shares his feelings on cats.
  • Valeria: Valeria muses on the artistic nature of the statue and asks the player whether they prefer beauty or honesty.
  • Seven: Seven and the player discuss Seven's childhood cat.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer will tell the player that they love cats but mention that they can't afford one. The player can offer them money or suggest a cat cafe.

Massage Chairs[]

  • Sunder: Sunder falls asleep during the massage.
  • Isaac: Isaac offers to massage the player instead of sitting in the chairs. If selected, the player may also offer to return the favor or flirt with him.
  • Valeria: The two share a massage and discuss whether or not the monsters use the chairs.
  • Seven: Seven calls the chairs a waste of money. If the player suggests he destroy them, he will start to, but change his mind.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer and the player enjoy a relaxing massage together.


  • Sunder: Sunder watches the water and muses about malls and music shops.
  • Isaac: Isaac watches the fountain and contemplates matters of beauty and spirituality.
  • Valeria: Valeria and the player briefly discuss what it's like to be a weapon.
  • Seven: Seven talks about missing his childhood.
  • Sawyer: The player and Sawyer will have a discussion about change.

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